Starting the conversation

This blog is meant to be an open forum of discussion on the life and deeds of Paul K. Feyerabend (1924-1994).

Pre-eminent among the latter are Feyerabend’s “literary crimes”, as he used to refer to his philosophical papers. I will contribute my own ruminations on Feyerabend’s views and their development, some of which I have already presented in more institutional settings such as international conferences, academic seminars and the like (see here), but have not yet reached the form of article drafts.

The present blog is also part of my  long-time project on a biography of Feyerabend. In particular, I will take advantage of the opportunities offered by this medium to shape and share partial results of my biographical research as blog posts, in the hope of getting useful feedback. The end result of this process should be a monograph which I would like to see completed by the centennial anniversary of Feyerabend’s birth in 2024.

Although this blog was designed to facilitate and support my own research work on Feyerabend through the dissemination and discussion of its work-in-progress results, this should not prevent any other Feyerabend scholar to use it in the same way. In fact, I believe it would profitable for Feyerabend scholarship as a whole if we could make this platform a reference point for our studies. Therefore, I encourage anyone interested in Feyereabend’s work to follow suit and participate in this collective enterprise as author or discussant. It goes without saying that anything goes here: any contribution, either dealing with broad issues or focused on technical details of Feyerabend’s life and work, is welcome. So, let the conversation start!


If you wish to post your contribution on this blog, please contact me by using the form below.